Friday, June 03, 2011

KDE commit template

I would recommend every KDE developer to use this useful git commit template.
Enable it with
git config --global --add commit.template ~/.commit-template
or just for KDE without the --global from a repo directory.

It's very complete, so once you get the hang of it you might want to remove the first 16 lines so you'll have a nice reminder of the BUG:, FIXED-IN:, etc commit-hooks (I'm looking at you rengles ;) ).
Amarok contributors should also remember to include a Changelog entry to any commits introducing features, changes or bugfixes. Probably a good practice for all.

If you use vim as the commit editor (core.editor=vim) you could use this git commit template as well.


jstaniek said...

Useful template.
Is there any replacement for SVN_SILENT tag?

Stecchino said...

[09:39:33] Stecchino: (CVS|SVN|GIT|SCM)_SILENT are all obeyed by the git hooks

Don't know about just "SILENT" but can be looked up here: