Monday, June 09, 2008

Akademy 2008 status

Hi Planet,

The registration for Akademy 2008 has been open for a week and a half now. After the initial rush during the first weekend the number of reservations for hostel beds was going up steadily.
Now the only hostel beds available are 4 on Friday the 8th, one on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday and 3 on Thursday, most in hostel Zandpoort in the city. For those staying in hostel Zandpoort, we still have a few beds available in hostel Roosendael on Friday the 15th and the list of recommended hotels on the website has been updated. Since most hotels in Mechelen are business oriented they are cheaper on the weekend nights, you'll find prices as low as €59 per night.

Take a look at the pages for the Social Event and the Day Trip.
You'll read that we'll be partying with walking dinner and open bar on Saturday evening and going on a trip downriver on Thursday afternoon, also with yummy food and free drinks.

And let's not forget we all have a little padams in us: