Friday, June 10, 2011

Live from Randa (timeshifted ;) )

Here is what was^W currently is^W^W we are^W^W. I give up, can fool anyone that I actually blogged about real work from Randa. But I did blog about foosball!

So in the aftermath of the Multimedia sprint I finished up a few branches I started working on in the Swiss Alps:

Drag and drop tracks to any Collection
While copying tracks was already possible using the context menu we've made it a lot more intuitive with drag and drop support. And as a free bonus drag and drop from The Playlist is also working now.
While this feature is not specifically meant to fix iPod support, it might earn us some cash:

Artify Amarok
Let's call a horse a horse: Amarok on desktop looks ugly. This is what happens when you put design up for review by a committee and bike-shed any good idea to dead. In order to improve the looks KRF and me skipped the whole discussion and started implementing some design artwork that was submitted to us by Lee Olson, Thomas L├╝bking and others.
I've removed the statusbar and replaced it with a smaller progress and message area on the colored bar in the Media Sources panel. This bar is always shown and is painted using the current schema's highlight color. Notice the logo in the background of the browser, this breaks empty areas a little, but there is still a "field of gray" effect going on. The other panels will get similar background logos.

Both features can be seen in this screenshot:

An the non Amarok specific front I participated in the Phonon, KDE-Multimedia & Communitydiscussions, help Colin with a little UI review and generally ran around like a headless chicken a lot, once time in the vicinity of Seif to find a good single malt.

Also did not get a single night of decent sleep, which I why you could find me crawling into bed @2:00 and asking for early breakfast @5:30.... man I hate bunk-beds.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Foosball KDE world cup @ Randa 2011

The daytrip got canceled so we need excuse to get us away from our laptops.

So I decided this morning @ 5:30 AM to host a foosball tournament. That is on the table with the red and blue plastic guys, not outside on the grass in the rain. Just to be clear.

Anyone that wants to join should keep an eye this kde-events thread and sign up on the wiki:

Teams of 2 people, if you don't have a team member yet add yourself to the loners sub-topic.

Update: We won!

Friday, June 03, 2011

KDE commit template

I would recommend every KDE developer to use this useful git commit template.
Enable it with
git config --global --add commit.template ~/.commit-template
or just for KDE without the --global from a repo directory.

It's very complete, so once you get the hang of it you might want to remove the first 16 lines so you'll have a nice reminder of the BUG:, FIXED-IN:, etc commit-hooks (I'm looking at you rengles ;) ).
Amarok contributors should also remember to include a Changelog entry to any commits introducing features, changes or bugfixes. Probably a good practice for all.

If you use vim as the commit editor (core.editor=vim) you could use this git commit template as well.