Sunday, May 10, 2009

UPnP DevSprint in Paris

Hi from Paris, where together with [ade], dev, erwan, philn and lightyear I'm at the Coherence/KDE developer sprint focused on UPnP.
Yesterday, after struggling with QtDBUS (specifically the under-documented qdbusxml2cpp) I managed to the signals from Coherence and call functions. So now I can discover the devices on the network.

The signals are connected to a UPnPCollectionFactory that should create a new collection for each mediaserver (containing music) on the network.

Next step will be to really talk to the devices themselves. That will require some XML parsing, which can get a bit complicated. With any luck I'll find a Qt based DIDL-lite parsing library. Consider that a lazyweb questions :).

A bientôt,


Aaron J. Seigo said...

erg, sucks you had to struggle with the dbus stuff. it's really pretty easy once you know the tricks .... which are pretty well documented on techbase in the tutorials area, btw. :)

as for the xml, it should be pretty straightforward (looking at the xml syntax) to whip up a parser using QXmlStreamReader or even QXmlSimpleReader (though I'd probably take a whack first with QXmlStreamReader myself)

if you run into challenges, try tracking one of us down on irc :)

Mike said...

Have you seen ?

Ian Monroe said...

Is there any thought of creating a Qt/C++ binding for the Coherence DBus API?

It would make good sense, especially if there's XML parsing involved.

@Mike I think they've already decided to use Coherence. :)

Stecchino said...

That is what I'm doing. Frank (dev on #coherence) has even made adjustments this weekend specifically for KDE/Amarok.
I've discovered that the techbase dbus tutorial page did bot have enough info for me, so I added a quick note.

Damiga said...

Is UPnP a security issue or is it not? I always though it was advised to turn it off in your router. Have these issues been patched or is that still the recommendation?