Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feature parity with KDE 3.5 ++: minimized windows

Yesterday the itching became to bad an I hacked a bit on plasma and kwin to restore the workflow I enjoyed with KDE 3.5.

  • The task applet in plasma can be configured to only show minimized windows since r874077.

So now KDE support my OSX inspired desktop configuration again. I would include screenshots but plasma is currently broken. Such is the life on the bleeding edge.


jospoortvliet said...

Nice work. Maybe the present windows effect should follow the taskbar setting by default? Not sure how doable that is, though...

Sebastian said...

Only the battery applet is broken, remove that one from the panel and you should be fine. :)

And yeah, it looks like it's my fault. Sorry :P

Janne said...

OS X-inspired? please tell me that you have a working menubar-plasmoid? I'm waiting that one with bated breath :)!

Stecchino said...

No. But I would like something like that as well. Perhaps if it starts to scratch again.

Franz said...

Screenshot ASAP please!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

The sizing issue in the panel has been fixed, btw. Thanks to notmart.

Kory said...

I haven't found a place to request features, so I guess I'll beg and plead here.

I'd love to be able to have middle-click bring up the task menu like in 3.5. With Compiz/Kwin and middle-click task menu, I had no need for the taskbar taking up screen real estate. Currently it seems middle-click does nothing on the desktop, could also show the dashboard, etc.

Thank you.

(Oh, is the KDE forum a good place for this?)

Stecchino said...

You can add a wishlist item on bugs.kde.org. But for discussion about (new) feature I guess the forums are more appropriate.

In KDE 4.2 you'll be able to hide the panel by the way. I do that as well since he screen real estate on my laptop is limited even without panels.