Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Akademy in Belgium

Yes people it is true, I didn't have enough to do yet (still managed to get 6 hours of sleep a day). So I offered to organise Akademy, together with my girlfriend Wendy.

We do have a lot going for us: Great location (my employers campus), a strong local team (including my direct colleagues) and many great KDE contributors nearby like Bart Coppens and KDE-NL.
It's a quiet campus (at least in August, summer holiday) with every imaginable facility, even a party hall. It's close to the city center of Mechelen, where all the hotels are, with excellent public transport to the campus from the city center.

A few photo's to prove it:
The "auditorium" building with 2 lecture halls with 400 and 250 seats. Both are equipped with Barco projectors beaming an image 4 meters high on the pearl-white wall above the whiteboard, now that's eye-candy. On the ground floor is a cafeteria and the party room that fits 200 people.

I hear you thinking all this is nice, but what is a KDE conference without coffee. Here is a place many off you will make frequent passages:

When in Belgium for Akademy you'll be able to enjoy waffles, chocolates, frites and Belgian beer in any order and combination that you like.

We'll I'm off to organize some more. I promise to post more info and pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

I'd better start packing right now, to be sure everything's cool for then ;-)
Looks like a very nice location, see all you there!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one, as a English speaker, who finds the "PRIKBORD" sign above the bulletin board really funny?

I can think of a few people deserve to have they're picture put up there...

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is truly great! I finally get to go to anything that has to do with Linux here in Belgium! Going to schedule that right away!

Stecchino said...

anonymous #3, I suggest you visit FOSDEM in Brussels end of February. This is the most prominent yearly FLOSS event in Belgium.

And remember, if you are from the neighborhood you are encouraged to volunteer to help during the event or organization :)