Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Plans for Randa

Tomorrow an assorted set of KDE developer sprints start in Randa, Switzerland. Obviously I'll be attending the "Multimedia/Phonon/Amarok" part of that but I'll plan to drop in on the other teams as well to take part in a few meeting, socialize or extract useful technical information.

Looking at the topics I would like to take part in some of the discussions and planning. I hope I can contribute knowledge and experience about mobile & embedded development, which I deal with in my day job.

Amarok is still using it's own internal database for the main collection. But with the maturity of semantic desktop storage such as Nepomuk and Tracker and especially on mobile platforms, the time has come to use this platform resource. I'll look into and perhaps even get started on a nepomuk ontology compatible QSparql collection.


Marjana said...

Amarok using Nepomuk would be super-awesome

Anonymous said...


Also, Zeitgeist integration might make sense.