Saturday, March 01, 2008

The best way to motivate: people

If you've been to a couple of Open Source conferences, you might have noticed that motivation spikes after such a meeting. I guess it's not the conference itself but rather the people that are present.
We'll it might not be true for everyone, but it certainly motivates me. Last weekend there was FOSDEM. I got a huge energy boost from that and managed to spend many an hour on Akademy during the 3 vacation days I took beginning this week.

I got the local Akademy team together to meet at café "Friends" in Mechelen. Everyone say hi to the team:

From left to right you'll see:
  • Pieter (Gunirus)
  • Bart Coppens (from krita fame)
  • Wendy
  • Pieter Vande Wyngaerde (just try to get that last name spelled right the first time :) )
Not in the picture are:
  • Andy Goossens
  • Wesley (profox)
  • Bart Cerneels (me, Stecchino, behind the camera)
These are the girl and guys that will be guiding you to and from Akademy 2008, around the campus, the hostels and the city. Better memorize their faces, you're wellbeing may depend on it :) An by that I obviously mean a nice bed and food.

We'll this should be enough to motivate me and the team members for another few weeks. And I hope it motivates you, dear reader, to start working on those ideas for Akademy 2008 as the call for participation will be published soon.



Anonymous said...

Who's the guy behind the tree? ;-)

annma said...

Hi, you are an amazing team already and I am sure Akademy 2008 will be a great success. I wish you all the best!

gandy said...

@david boddie: Nobody we know (yet). Looks like a leprechaun though... :-)

@annma: Thanks.

Wesley said...


Anonymous said...
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